Key Affected Populations Response to the HIV/AIDS Situation in Russia

The Coordinating Committee has created a document reflecting on the main results and experience of the Global Fund program in Russia.

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The sustainability of the results of the last Global Fund HIV grant for Russia are under a threat

Author: Ivan Varentsov

This text is the author’s version of the article published in Aidspan’s GFO Issue 342

Conflict of interest: the author of the article is a member of the Coordinating Committee which was responsible for coordination and oversight of the implementation of the Global Fund HIV grant in Russia being discussed in this article.

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Fundraiser vacancy announcement

The charitable fund “Candle” and the Coordination Committee for the Global Fund Program in Russian Federation  are pleased to announce a competition for a Fundraising Specialist (Fundraiser) vacancy in the Coordination Committee Secretariat.

Main responsibilities:

  • Developing and implementing a plan for attracting funds for Program participants,
  • Negotiating and meeting with donors,
  • Writing applications,
  • Drawing up documents necessary for attracting financing.

From the Coordination Committee, the fundraiser will be provided with information regarding the needs of the recipients and possible amount of necessary funding.

Primary requirements:

– understanding the situation regarding HIV / AIDS in the Russian Federation and work with populations vulnerable to HIV,

– understanding the situation with international donors who are ready to work with the Russian Federation,

– work experience with foreign donors,

– work experience with NGOs providing services for key populations,

– experience in writing applications for international funds,

– fluency in English at a high level,

– good communication skills,

– Russian citizenship is preferable, but not necessary.

Salary is determined upon the completion of the job interview.

Interested candidates should provide:

– a resume reflecting relevant experience and qualities in accordance with the above requirements for the candidate,

– a short cover letter.

Documents should be sent to: untill April 08, 2018.

The full version of TOR is here

About the project

Implementation of the Program to improve access of vulnerable groups to prevention, treatment and care of HIV/AIDS in Russia began 01.06.2015, with support from the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria.

The purpose of the Program is to assist in building and strengthening national legal, methodological and financial basis for providing the sustainability and expansion of coverage of key groups with services in HIV prevention, treatment, care and support for HIV/AIDS.

This objective will be realized through the following tasks:

  • Maintaining the prevalence of HIV infection in selected regions among the most vulnerable social groups – injecting drug users (IDUs) and their sexual partners, men and women who provide sexual services for a fee (SWs), men who have sex with men (MSM).
  • Strengthening advocacy for the removal of legal barriers to access to treatment and to the implementation of evidence-based prevention programs in the national strategy to combat the spread of HIV and in the existing system of health care and social protection to ensure their future sustainability.
  • Strengthening community systems of key groups – IDUs, SWs, MSM, people living with HIV to protect their rights, as well as to influence the service and advocacy events on the prevention of HIV among vulnerable groups.

Key activities:

Work of the regional projects on HIV prevention among vulnerable groups – distribution of information on the risk of contracting HIV, providing means of protection, help in providing medical and social services.

Addressing legal barriers to access to health services – social mobilization of communities; legal aid and improvement of legal literacy; monitoring quality of services on HIV prevention at the community level; participation in the discussion and preparation of a plan for implementing the National Strategy on HIV/AIDS.

Strengthening systems of communities – strengthening of organizational and institutional capacity of groups, organizations and networks of communities; social mobilization; networking within communities; cooperation and coordination; patient control.

Terms of the Program – July 01, 2015 – December 31, 2017.

Budget of the Program – 10,986,691 USD.

Taking into account the results of the National Dialogue from May 14, 2014, as well as the results of the open voting, Coordination Committee nominates the Foundation “Open Health Institute” (OHI) as the Principal Recipient of the grant to support the implementation of the declared program – a non-profit non-governmental organization established in January 2003 for distribution of advanced experience in the field of public health of the population and implementation of science-based technologies for the prevention of diseases in Russia.

The project will be implemented by the Principal Recipient – OHI – under the supervision of the Coordination Committee and with the assistance of a network of NGOs in the regions of its’ implementation.

The Coordination Committee (CC) was formed for the purposes of this program during the National Dialogue in May 2014. Coordination Committee brings together representatives of Russian non-governmental organizations, communities of key groups – IDUs, SWs, MSM and people living with HIV, –international organizations.

In addition to participating in the work of the CC and its oversight functions, key groups – IDUs, SWs, MSM and people living with HIV – will be directly involved in the implementation of the program, namely in activities to strengthen communities’ systems, in expert support of advocacy work, as well as in the provision of technical support to the activities and events.

The Secretariat of the Committee

The Secretariat is a working body of the Coordinating Committee, which aims to carry out the daily administrative and technical objectives in order to ensure the full functioning of the Committee.

As the Coordinating Committee is not a legal entity, the Committee, by way of an open competition, selects an organization that becomes a holder of the budget of the Committee and the provider of the functions of its Secretariat.

Such an organization shall comply with the following requirements:

The state registration of the organization in the territory of the Russian Federation for not less than three years.

The absence of tax debts.

The organization should not be in the process of liquidation and reorganization.

At the time of application, and during the competition and the signing of the contract the organization should not be in the process of litigation on property, tax and labor disputes.

Experience in the field of HIV/AIDS, advocating for the rights of people living with or vulnerable to HIV, experience of organizing network / in-country / international events with the number of participants more than 10.

Experience of work with different regions of the Russian Federation on the network principle.

The lack of affiliation with the CC members and the Principal Recipient of the Global Fund grant.

For the period of 2015-2017, the Committee, by way of an open competition, has chosen non-profit partnership “E.V.A.” as such an organization.