Country Dialogue

As part of the new funding model (NFM), Global Fund attaches great importance to such component as the Country Dialogue. Country Dialogue is a process carried out at the national level by the country itself, intended to harmonize and coordinate the preparation, coordination, and then the implementation of project proposals to the Global Fund. In many countries, this process is carried out on a regular basis with the participation of Governments, donors, technical partners, civil society, and representatives of key affected and most at risk populations.

In Russia, the participants of a country dialogue, which began in early 2014 against the background of the preparation of the proposal on HIV to the Global Fund, are mainly the representatives of the civil society. This is primarily due to the fact that this application was submitted by Russia in the framework of the so-called “NGO rule”, according to which in some countries that meet certain criteria, the application to the Global Fund may be submitted directly by NGOs without coordination with government agencies. To date (April 2015), the application has already been submitted to the Global Fund and approved.

As a member of a Country Dialogue, you will be able to receive regular information about the work of the Coordination Committee on the preparation and then the implementation of the Global Fund grant, to give direct feedback to the members of the Coordination Committee, as well as representatives of the organization – the main recipient of the grant – on the progress of the project. And of course you will be able to receive timely announcements about tenders on the selection of organizations – sub-recipients of GF grant (important for organizations in the regions of the project implementation) – and tenders for small grants (important for organizations and initiative groups on the basis of the community from all regions of Russia).